The technology and what YOU need has been 100% thought through

The floor is the largest surface area of your stand so make your floor an advertising carrier! With a high-profile photo design on the STAND-ON Expo Floor. Hide the cables in no time. Your safety is improved because the floor is levelled. No more stumbling!

No more adhesive tape remnants on your floors, carpet or cables!

With the new Stand-ON raised floor, you can easily hide and lose the cables.
Adhesive or double-sided tape is no longer necessary to secure the carpet and cables. Your safety is improved because the floor is levelled and you or your visitors will no longer stumble over a buckled piece of carpet. Don’t waste any precious time cleaning carpets, cables and floors after your event

Stand-On Basic tile per m2 Stand-On Basic tile per m2 (4 pieces) You are going to place…
€ 36,00
Transparent Cover per m2 Transparent Cover per m2 (4 pc) When you are using the…
€ 35,70
Aluminum Side for Cover plates Aluminum Side for Cover plates. Order your Side edge here,…
€ 6,00
Stand-On Sales Demo unit Stand-On Sales Demo unit. With the Stand-On Sales Demo unit,…
€ 75,00

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