Stand-On Basic tile per m2

€ 36,00 (including VAT 0%)
Product code
Net weight 4,00 Kg
Gross weight 4,00 Kg
Dimensions (l,w,h) 50 x 50 x 5 cm

Stand-On Basic tile per m2 (4 pieces)


You are going to place an order for the most easy Raised Floor solution you have ever worked with.

The Stand-On Floor is made to help you to place floors easier, without tools and hide you cables from above inside the structure of the tiles.

The Stand-On Basic tiles can be covered with any kind of covering.
We have 22 Designs that you could use and change each year for a new one.

But you can also place carpets on top or laminate and alu panels.

We have created this flooring to help you build quicker.

Take your advance and let's make wonderful floor presentations.

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