Ramp Side edge (wheelchair friendly)

€ 9,50 (including VAT 0%)
Product code 38-44
Net weight 0,20 Kg
Gross weight 0,20 Kg
Dimensions (l,w,h) 50 x 15 x 3 cm

Ramp Side edge (wheelchair friendly)

Order your Side edge here, the Ramp Side edge (wheelchair friendly).
With this rapming profile you make sure your raised flooring is the Safest Raised floor ever made.

Don't worry about stumbling people, because with this wheelchair friendly solution you have covered it all. This is according the worldwide exhibition regulations.

Your Ramp Side can be ordered in two basic colors. 
- Grey color.
- Black color.

How to calculate your needs?

The way we calculate the need for you ramp side edge is as follow.
Ramps have the same lenght as one tile, so these are 50cm

We need to know how many lengths you need and how many corner profiles you need.

So for a sample:

Your Floor is a corner stand of 5 x 5 mtr. 
You order 10 mtr. We sell the Ramp edge per meter.

After this you can also select the quantities of corners that you need.

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